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6 Good Reasons to Conduct a Mock Trial

I have kicked this around on several of cases that went to trial,  especially on Capital Murder cases, but the resources have always been limited.  I have a Capital Murder case coming up with multiple defendants that we may do a Mock Trial.

From The Litigation Consulting Report

One type of litigation consulting that is underused is the planning and conducting of a mock trial. A good litigation consultant can put together a mock trial that is every bit as real in appearance and challenges the litigation team as much as an actual trial.

After a mock trial, the whole team – lawyers, paralegals, trial graphics consultants, courtroom hot-seat operators and everyone else – is ready for trial. They have prepped fully for the mock trial just as if they were going to trial. Not only that, they have prepped both sides of the case.  We find that truly wise clients with a lot on the line deeply appreciate the value of getting inside opposing counsel’s case via a mock trial.

6 Good Reasons to Conduct a Mock Trial