The Impact Of What We Do Has on Our Children

One night last week, I had to get some money for one of my boys for a school the next morning.  When I looked in my wallet I was a dollar short of what he needed.  Instead of going to the ATM late at night I went scrounging for change. I found one of the gold color dollar coins that you get from the Post Office.

I gave my son the dollar bills and the dollar coin.  His kidding response was “Why are you giving me prison money?”  It took me a second to remember why he called it that.  I use to go to the federal prisons to visit clients more frequently than I do now,  if you changed a $5.00 bill, the machine would only give you the $1 coins.  So when I would come home that would be the kids would get when they needed money.

My youngest son shocked me when at 7 or 8 he asked about people’s rights.  My oldest asked about forensic blood analysis, when he was very young, I assume after hearing me talk about a Capital Murder case I had at the time.  Not sure he understood my explanation, but it was an interesting discussion.

The biggest impact my choice of profession has had on my sons, is the understanding that people have rights that have to be protected even if the person is not likable and that you have to question authority.  The later one has come back to haunt me a few times but it is still a good trait for them to have as they grow up.

It would be interesting to hear other people’s stories about the impact their job has had on their children.

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Aaron Law Firm handles criminal cases in city, state and federal courts in the state of Alabama. If you are accused of a crime it has to be taken seriously, even accusation of a crime can have serious effect on many different areas of your life. If it is a DUI or something more serious it has to be taken as a threat to your freedom. After you have been accused of a crime, you should always consult a lawyer before talking to the authorities . Seek immediate legal counsel and make sure your rights are protected.

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