Cutting Your Losses

I was on the trial docket for a case that had been appealed from District Court.  (In Alabama, misdemeanor and traffic cases in District or Municipal courts can be appealed to the Circuit Court where there is a new trial before a different Judge and a Jury if you request it.) In this case the Government had made a fatal mistake of which they had been told about for over a year.  They never took any steps to correct the error.

I appealed the case to Circuit Court to get it in front of a judge who would listen to my argument regarding the Government’s problem.  Going to trial required a lot of time to prepare for the trial,  that cost my client a large amount of money.  In the end the government dismissed the case.  I have never understood why some governmental agency refuse to dismiss cases when they cannot get a conviction.  It saves the taxpayers money and gets it off their desk.

As criminal defense attorneys we try to resolve cases in the best interest of our clients, in  the shortest period of time as possible.  I have always wondered why some government employees are not the same way with their cases.



About Aaron Law Firm

Aaron Law Firm handles criminal cases in city, state and federal courts in the state of Alabama. If you are accused of a crime it has to be taken seriously, even accusation of a crime can have serious effect on many different areas of your life. If it is a DUI or something more serious it has to be taken as a threat to your freedom. After you have been accused of a crime, you should always consult a lawyer before talking to the authorities . Seek immediate legal counsel and make sure your rights are protected.

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