Every state should adopt a similar law

Arkansas adopts drug dog certification

The Arkansas Governor two days ago signed 2013 Ark. Act 168, An Act Concerning Training Requirements for Canine Law Enforcement Units, specifying training for drug dogs that effectively implements the admonition ofFlorida v. Harris, noted here (syllabus) and here (LA Daily Journal: Dog sniff ruling doesn’t smell so bad after all by Allison B. Margolin).

The entirety of Act 168:


SECTION 1. Arkansas Code § 12-9-104, concerning the powers of the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training, is amended to add an additional subdivision to read as follows:
(17)(A) Establish minimum training and certification requirements for law enforcement canine officers utilizing canines as an aid for performing searches, seizures, and other law enforcement functions.
(B) This requirement shall include certification requirements for:
(i) Officers or other persons who conduct training for law enforcement canines;
(ii) Courses for training law enforcement canines;
(iii) Minimum requirements for law enforcement canine certifying officials;
(iv) Record keeping concerning the training of law enforcement canines; and
(v) Law enforcement canines.

Under Arkansas law, failure to certify the drug dog would lead to suppression as it does breath testing machines and radar. The law will not be effective until 90 days after the current session adjourns.

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