Murder suspect can’t find a lawyer after threatening to kill two others, judge says

Well I wonder if that will come up in trial.

A Jefferson Circuit Court judge told murder defendant Percy Brown Monday that lawyers won’t represent him because Brown has threatened to kill two of his attorneys in the past.

Brown denied the threats and argued with Judge McKay Chauvin until he was taken from the court by deputies.

“I honestly don’t know where we are going to go from here,” Chauvin said, adding that it was an “interesting and unique” situation.

Brown has been through numerous attorneys since his 2008 arrest in connection with a 2004 shooting that killed 19-year-old Jennifer French.

On Monday, attorney Ander Al-Shami became the latest attorney to ask to be removed as counsel for Brown, though he would not discuss his reason with reporters.

Prosecutors have said that Brown has at times said he wants to represent himself but now wants to have an attorney serve as his co-counsel.

Chauvin said Brown won’t cooperate with his attorneys and continues to threaten them.

“I can’t get a lawyer to represent you,” he said.

Brown told the judge he was biased against him and should be removed from the case.

“You may run your lawyers off but you are not going to run the judge off, I’m here to stay,” Chauvin responded.

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Brown said, adding that he was asking Kentucky Chief Justice John Minton to remove Chauvin.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Erin White told Chauvin that at some point Brown was just waiving his right to have an attorney for his trial.

Chauvin said he would have to research the issue and set the next hearing date for later this month.

Brown’s sister, Vanessa Kelly, said her brother is not guilty and has been locked up for four years waiting for trial while prosecutors and defense attorneys conspired against him.

“I know he is not guilty,” she said. “He is not capable” of murder.

Asked about the claim that he had threatened to kill two of his lawyers, Kelly said, “that’s nonsense. … Where’s the evidence?”

French was shot on Sept. 16, 2004 in the West Market Street boarding house where she lived. Police have said French had been set to testify against Brown in connection with fraud charges he faced.

Murder suspect can’t find a lawyer after threatening to kill two others, judge says

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