Colleyville mom accused of helping middle-schoolers vandalize home

Colleyville mom accused of helping middle-schoolers vandalize home


Published: 18 September 2012 04:08 PM

Tara Mauney, 41, has been arrested on one count of criminal mischief and is set to be arraigned Friday.

A Colleyville mother is facing a felony charge after police say she helped a group of middle-schoolers wielding toilet paper, mustard and peanut butter cause nearly $6,000 in damage to a neighbor’s home.

Tara Mauney, 41, has been arrested on one count of criminal mischief, a state felony that carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Mauney’s attorney, Tom Hall of Fort Worth, said his client did nothing illegal and just hosted a sleepover for several eighth-grade girls.

“We plan on presenting a vigorous defense if this heads to trial,” he said. “We have key eyewitnesses who know Tara was not a part of any criminal activity.”

Overnight on July 25, vandals struck a home on Alexandra Drive where another group of Colleyville Middle School students were spending the night.

Besides blanketing the trees with toilet paper, vandals left a raw chicken in the mailbox and placed a toilet in the driveway, according to police documents. Sanitary napkins were left along the driveway and stuck to windows. Mustard and peanut butter were smeared and used to write graffiti, and more graffiti was written in ink on the home.

About 2 a.m., the homeowner’s daughter spotted someone watching her and her friends over a fence while they were swimming.

The girls got out of the pool and chased a group of children to Mauney’s home, where the suspect confronted them and asked whether she could help them, police documents say.

“You can clean up the mess you just made,” one of the girls responded, after which they went back to the home on Alexandra.

Mauney was arrested several days later after police were told she was seen at a Euless Walmart the night before the vandalism buying more than 100 rolls of toilet paper with a group of eight children.

Police say surveillance video from the Walmart shows Mauney posing for a “group photo” with the three boys and five girls.

Hall portrayed Mauney in a different light, however.

“She is a solid, hardworking wife and mother and a great part of this community,” he said.

Colleyville mom accused of helping middle-schoolers vandalize home

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